Tomorrowland music festival wearable faff

Well it's a good try and a broadly speaking it's a good concept, however it falls down in the execution. The finite details of setting it up and how everything has to be so precise sounds like far more work than it's worth to ultimately get emails and some random Facebook suggestions. Ultimately it doesn't do anything more than signing up on a website or getting a standard lanyard. The effort/reward ratio is way off.

Perhaps if the bracelet had unlocked extra access that would be something. Even better if it recorded locations and activities to produce a personalised summation to enjoy after the event. For triple points it could have acted as a payment service or alerted you to your favourite acts starting. Sadly not.

That said the launch vid (above) is really nicely produced. Good animation, charming voiceover and it's pitched just right for the Tomorrowland identity.