Shazam has had a big UI tidy

I've been using Shazam since it was a pre-iPhone dial code. It's a lovely product. It's central idea is one of those concepts that I can't concieve of ever having.

Of late I'm finding myself using it more, as the connections to Spotify have proved seamless. In fact it's so good at facilitating other products (youtube, spotify, itunes etc) that I'm surprised other brands have not built similar functions in to their apps.

This week they've launched a redesigned version of the app. The functionality is largely the same and the redesign seems to be mostly surface level, but it looks great and I still love Shazam.

Redesign launch video

Shazam team article about the redesign


A new set of ads for @square are being rolled out

Square has always made excellent use of video and now they're going out with a US nationwide campaign for it's card readers.

It's a simple idea that has obviously got some room to progress.


Oh yes @AugustSmartLock is already my favourite technology of 2014

August is a new product from the studio of one of my design heroes Yves Behar. August falls squarely in to what is becoming the most exciting product category 'the connected home'.

Some have termed it a "smart lock", but in truth it's not just smart it's a new approach, it's really an entirely new approach to securing your home. Optimising standard smartphone technology this product not only improves security, but makes it more manageable. Allowing you information when you want it and pushing you information when you need it.

The launch vid below is really worth a look, even if you don't rate the product idea, it's a really funny and charming way to demonstrate a new product.

They are due to launch in Spring 2014. I will be adding one to my birthday list, which is in... you guessed it August.