MORE TH>N responsive site has gone live

Most of my year has been spent working on projects for RSA's global team, the majority of which are still under NDA. However a little project I worked on here in the UK has just been launched.

Back in 2010 I redesigned the top layers of the MORE TH>N website. This year I gave it a small UI makeover and worked closely with the Dev team to introduce responsive layouts. Obviously retrofitting responsive in to a fixed width site is not ideal, but there are far more important platform changes that have happened under the sheets on this project.

Once we've stabilised the platform we will be introducing updates, iterating on the design and moving out of Beta to the full domain.

It's a nice start though and far more lightweight than any of the other projects I've been working my through. It also gave me the opportunity to get closer to the front-end build and experiment with icon fonts.