Forget what you know about Siri - it's really good

When Siri was first launched in 2011 there were a lot of unmet expectations. It didn't really seem to live up to its promise and most of the services shown in demos weren't available (in the UK at least). So for most iOS users it became a way of mucking around with hidden, automated responses. I've been asking around my friends in the past few months and nobody I know uses it on a regular basis.

By pure chance (ok I was mucking around asking Siri to marry me) and I found a useful feature in Siri. Then even more surprisingly I discovered another and yet another. Then I realised that whilst me and my friends had been mucking around ignoring any of Siri's uses, the team at Apple had been quietly improving the services underpinning it. Now it's really good.

It can relate food related questions to restaurant reviews, whilst using your location...

It can relate ambiguous questions to data available in the OS

Simple OS functions such as iMessage, alarms, reminders and the calendar are also available with more straightforward questions

Most of these functions were a total surprise to me. Even though they've included some prompts to the functions behind the service.

My favourite feature is the connection to IMDB data.

This is becoming a really useful product


Google Nexus ad - empowering through technology

This TV and Cinema spot from Google could not have a better strategy, in my opinion.

A very, very simple idea of how technology is empowering, enabling and for everyone. All good thoughts to be aligned to. Whilst Apple's recent campaign is self congratulating (oh look at how well we design stuff) Google is turning their branding outwards and making the hardware/software simply a facilitator for life.

It's also really well directed.


Bellroy's beautifully integrated Brand & UX

Bellroy want to help you become a "Slim Ninja". Roughly translated this means they sell wallets. The difference between Bellroy and every other wallet maker trading online is that they have created a wonderfully observed piece of brand storytelling around streamlining the world's pockets/lives. They've tapped in to a popular notion of de-cluttering and built conversational content around that.

Not only does the web journey follow this all the way through, but it's ultimately fulfilled with the product and it's delivery.

Exquisitely designed packaging.

Elegantly crafted product.