Facebook's latest newfeed design backs out of the timeline

Recently Facebook started testing a new design for its newsfeed.

Two years ago the design team Facebook introduced a new timeline metaphor for sharing data. At the time it gained a lot of attention and rightly so. The timeline was a beautifully personal approach to sorting social information and acted a sensitive method for archiving activity.The design of timeline is credited to Nicholas Felton, who joined Facebook's design team, during a flurry of high profile recruitment.

Sadly the new design has largely abandoned the timeline and moved towards a desktop-centric language. A strange strategy for team that is often criticised for not having a mobile strategy. Perhaps the new design is supposed to align the browser experience with the visual design of Facebook Home.

What ever the roadmap for this new design, at this stage it doesn't feel as personal as the previous iterations and it certainly is not following Google's product design lead for simplicity and calm.