Spotify's brand shift

Spotify is an awesome product. Maybe it's not as graceful as Rdio and maybe some of the Facebook sharing features are over zealous, but it's a vast pool of music that allows you to listen, share and discover music without downloading tracks or buying a landfill CD.

Initially the visual identity was playful, almost childlike with nice little handrawn illustrations and tiny graphic details. But recently it's moved in to a far more emotive territory. Now it's putting the effect of music at the front and using those small, but meaningful moments in life to connect to particular songs (or artists). In this recent TV spot there is no mention of the streaming service or the URL or in fact any real call to action. It simply (and quite beautifully) associates the Spotify brand with warm memories.

It's a very mature and enlightened brand strategy that will no doubt pay off. Just check out the stunning new spotify.com for further evidence of the new brand tone of voice at work. I've yet to discover who has taken the creative lead at Spotify since the departure of Rasmus Anderson, but I think the brand is looking better than ever and I hope to see the new direction find its way in to the product design soon.