My MORE TH>N icons out in the world

When I arrived at MORE TH>N in 2010 they didn't have a set of icons suitable for online use. A mixture of stock, bespoke and print icons were being used across the e-commerce journeys. I set myself the task of creating a new suite of icons, which went in to immediate use.

Each icon was specifically designed for use at a small size on a screen, however since they've been in use by the web team I've noticed them popping up in various offline marketing material.

Here they are in internal signage.

They even make the briefest appearance in MORE TH>N's recent TV spot. Can you spot them?


The completely brilliant @joulee being brilliant - A Manager's Manifesto

Taken from her blog
A Manager's Manifesto:

10) Always get the full story before making a decision.

9) It's incredibly easy to 'flip the switch' and start writing people off after a few bad experiences. Resist at all costs. You were bumbling once too. You made poor decisions. You learn and grow, and so does everybody else.

8) Sweep up the crumbs. Wipe the tables. Turn off the lights. Plug the holes that need plugging—even if it's menial, even if nobody will know you did it. Do it in service of the product, the company, and this wondrous, magical thing you are all building together. 

7) Recognize you can't do everything. Close your eyes, fall backwards, and learn to trust. 

6) Clearly, there is a more efficient way to do the things you do. How? Ponder that on your daily drive home.

5) Figure out which people rely on you and how you can help them be self-sufficient. You may feel important having a monopoly on salmon provisions, but if the whole village learns how to fish, it'll free you up to do something else. Like figuring out how to grow wheat. Or how to domesticate those cute wolf-pups. 

4) Don't say anything if it's not actually contributing to the discussion. Your voice is not so melodious that it absolutely must be heard.

3) Making the best decision is not as important as putting in the right processes to ensure that the best decisions get made. 

2) Dole out thanks and encouragement like you dole out opinions. 

1) Above all, this: never, ever get in the way. It's better to twiddle your thumbs and squint up at the clouds than to obstruct progress for the sake of that stupid, childish thing called ego. 

- - - - -

Number 4 is sog good I'm going to repeat it, but bigger:
Don't say anything if it's not actually contributing to the discussion.
Your voice is not so melodious that it absolutely must be heard.


Spotify's brand shift

Spotify is an awesome product. Maybe it's not as graceful as Rdio and maybe some of the Facebook sharing features are over zealous, but it's a vast pool of music that allows you to listen, share and discover music without downloading tracks or buying a landfill CD.

Initially the visual identity was playful, almost childlike with nice little handrawn illustrations and tiny graphic details. But recently it's moved in to a far more emotive territory. Now it's putting the effect of music at the front and using those small, but meaningful moments in life to connect to particular songs (or artists). In this recent TV spot there is no mention of the streaming service or the URL or in fact any real call to action. It simply (and quite beautifully) associates the Spotify brand with warm memories.

It's a very mature and enlightened brand strategy that will no doubt pay off. Just check out the stunning new spotify.com for further evidence of the new brand tone of voice at work. I've yet to discover who has taken the creative lead at Spotify since the departure of Rasmus Anderson, but I think the brand is looking better than ever and I hope to see the new direction find its way in to the product design soon.


A lovely ident for Picturehouse/Duke of York Cinemas

I'm a big fan of Picture House cinemas, particularly the Duke of York venues here in Brighton. I've been going to their events and screenings for a long time and I've always enjoyed how the organisers fill each experience with character and charm. Which is why I am particularly impressed with this ident. It really does capture that character and experience. Hats off to the Creative Director for letting the venues come to the fore.