itv rebrands from an in-house "pop up studio"

So ITV has become itv and given itself a rebrand. As per usual the rebrand has focused it's publicity around the logo, rather than the strategic change and as per usual designers and public line up their superficial comments on the quality of the design.

Personally I think the application of the logo is better than the logo form itself. The letter shapes are not very graceful and the choice of logo in its primary lockup makes it imbalanced. However that stuff is obvious and throwing more noise on the pile is of no interest to me.

The part of the press release that did catch my eye was this:
"It has been produced in house using a pop-up studio, with just some assistance from design freelancers"
 "the decision to do the rebrand in house was not a financial decision, it's a philosophical decision".

I'm not wholly sure of what a "pop-up studio" consists of, but I think the idea. I like the thought of a dedicated internal team appearing in the middle of the ITV offices. I also applaud the bravery of rolling out a major redesign using in-house design. ITV has a reputation for slashing costs right now and this decision may well be fueled by that cost saving approach. None the less it shows a bold ownership by ITV that I appreciate.

I'd like to see more brands gaining the confidence to take charge of their brand design. An agency can certainly offer specialist help, but outsourcing your voice will only ever make you sound like someone else.