Double win at the Lovie awards

My work has picked up two awards at this years Lovie Awards. I've been lucky enough to work on award winning projects before, but for me this one is a bit special because the Peoples' Choice award was voted by the 'people'.

So thanks people. Thanks very much.

Both awards are for inside.morethan.com - which was a project initiated from within my team. It started life as my scribble on a whiteboard and was produced very quickly, with minimal stakeholder involvement or internal funding. Our little team is pretty smug right now.

It was also our first foray in to designing for multiple viewports. Whilst it's not strictly responsive, it was the first example of adaptive design being used by a financial services organisation. Our approach for responsive design has changed quite a lot since this project, but it's still something I'm pleased with.

Winners party is on Wednesday. WOOT