I recently finished a personal project. It's called Leica Ergo

Why are cameras always rectangles?

Why aren't digital cameras all fitted with wifi?

Why do people prefer to use their phone to take pictures?

I asked myself all of these questions and I decided to turn these thoughts in to a new design brief.

I set myself the challenge to redesign a camera from scratch. My aim was to intertwine the hardware and digital design process. It's the first time I've attempted any kind of industrial design, but it's an area I'm interested in and that I feel is going to become increasingly important. For me the next phase of interface design sits at the intersection of physical and digital design.

The result is a product concept that I've named Ergo. I chose to use the Leica brand for this concept, because I love the brand, but feel they are in need a new, forward thinking outlook.

I gave myself a strict deadline. The work was done any spare moment I could grab over a three week period.

Hope you like it.