Brain dump from recent dConstruct, UXPeople and IABEngage events

I guess it's event season. From the end of summer to Christimas it feels like one long stream of conferences.

I usually take notes throughout the presentations and workshops I attend. Often I turn these notes in to full reviews of the events, but on this occasion I'm going to boil all of it down to a list of quotes. These quotes are things that I captured during the event which have either stuck with me or I have consumed in my work:

"We are in continual victims of default thinking. We apply old metaphors to new technologies. When TV first emerged broadcasters simlpy filmed people reading radio plays. Equally when websites emerged we tried to design them like books or magazines"

"Native applications are great for a future that only consists of iPads. They are not suitable for the world of cheap, wearable, disposable technology we are moving towards"
Scott Jenson, dConstruct

"We entrust our future to a group of people who are confused by the present"
Ben Hammersly, dConstruct

"Don't test for validation. Test for failures"
Jonty Sharples, UXPeople

"Bored people design boring stuff"

"33% of customers are more likely to take up content subscriptions if they can access content across multiple devices"

"Launch with MVP (minimum viable product), but always design for your most ambitious" 
Mel McVeigh, UXPeople

"In 2012 you have no excuse for not understanding how to code"

"If you're creating wireframes desktop first, then you're part of the problem, not the solution"
Cennydd Bowles, UXPeople

"Mobile users are not always mobile. Don't assume the context by the device"

"Why not put search results or Facebook on your sitemaps? They form integral parts of the user journey"
Martin Belam, UXPeople

"For the first time in history the general public are ahead of corporates in their use of technology"

"Disney created the first Creative Dept, Thomas Edison created the first R&D lab. Possibly their greatest legacy is the culture of their organisations"
Ajaz Ahmed, IABEngage

"Data without theory is worthless. Data (from research) is only valuable to confrim, modify or reject a theory"
Rory Sutherland, IABEngage

I'm sure there is loads more that can be taken from these people.The event links are here, in case the organisers get round to putting the presentation videos online:
IAB Engage