Hats off to the Design and UX team at @BBCSport

Yep they smashed it. Both Team GB and Team Olympics at the BBC absolutely nailed London 2012. I'll admit that at the start of the year I wasn't too keen on the BBC Sport redesign, but seeing it come to life since the opening ceremony was an interaction design joy.

The Global Experience Language has worked very well across key devices and the overall design approach across the Olympic UX has been perfectly controlled. We (the design community) often talk about seamless experiences and designing for multiple platforms, but the UXD at BBC Sport have really executed this event well.

A large part of it is the quality of data and the access to information, and also how well the digital services have been promoted through broadcast channels (grab from the TV spots above).

A true multi-channel experience. Makes me as proud to be British, as the opening ceremony. Well done to everyone involved in delivering this service - you deserve a gold medal.