I set myself the task of designing a #Brighton themed typeface

Since the start of this year I've been working on a few long running projects and proof of concepts, which means it's been ages since I've pushed anything live. Whilst I've enjoyed the unique challenges of large scale programs of work, I'm getting itchy design feet. To counter the drag of long projects I decided to set myself a design challenge.

I gave myself less than 3 weeks to come up with a concept typeface. I've never designed a typeface before, so I had to get my head around the theory and tools. The concept I landed on is an observation from my hometown. I've been very strict with my time and resisted all temptation to go back a tinker with the letter shapes and spacing.

The process of pushing myself in to a new area of design was hugely satisfying. My intention is to create more personal projects that explore forms of design outside of my day job, a more polymathic approach to design.

Have a look at my type design on Cargo