Apple's early prototypes of the first iPhone

Through the course of Apple's recent courtroom rumble with Samsung they have submitted samples of prototypes and mockups from their iPhone design process. I find it fascinating to look at some of the options they considered. Here are just a few...

 This one is my favourite. The rounded back and flat top is a little reminiscent of the 3GS, but I think it has more warmth than the current 4S casing. Also the speaker/grip strip across the back is an interesting feature.
 I'm thankful this version was rejected. It looks like an iCoffin.
 Nokia designers may want to think about the newly launched Lumia and consider the fact that Apple's design team produced this design and threw it away.
Full story and more samples are on All Things D


I set myself the task of designing a #Brighton themed typeface

Since the start of this year I've been working on a few long running projects and proof of concepts, which means it's been ages since I've pushed anything live. Whilst I've enjoyed the unique challenges of large scale programs of work, I'm getting itchy design feet. To counter the drag of long projects I decided to set myself a design challenge.

I gave myself less than 3 weeks to come up with a concept typeface. I've never designed a typeface before, so I had to get my head around the theory and tools. The concept I landed on is an observation from my hometown. I've been very strict with my time and resisted all temptation to go back a tinker with the letter shapes and spacing.

The process of pushing myself in to a new area of design was hugely satisfying. My intention is to create more personal projects that explore forms of design outside of my day job, a more polymathic approach to design.

Have a look at my type design on Cargo


I'm looking for the best in-house #design in the UK. Can you help? (Please RT)

Which in-house design teams are doing the best work in the UK right now?

It's been about two and half years since I moved from an agency to an in-house team. Before now I haven't taken the time to reflect on the difference. I can say for sure it's very different proposition and gladly my preconceived notions about working for one client have been proved wrong. But I'm keen to discover more.

My plan is to talk with other in-house designers, share ideas and hopefully learn how be a little better at being an in-house designer. So who should I be talking to? Which design teams are doing the most interesting work at the moment?

Send any and all ideas over to me @martynreding


Inside the deisgn of Adobe's software brand system

Well it seems like the recent trend for exposing the thinking behind designs is rolling on nicely. I've seen a lot of UI design project launches lately, but this one is a little different. I guess branding software could be described as the link between GUI design and visual identity.

Here we see the (in-house) brand team at Adobe run through the surprisingly thoughtful process of designing the recent Creative Suite identity.

I have a new found respect for this area of design. I particularly enjoyed the amount of effort that has gone in to defining an appropriate colour range for the ever growing suite.

(via idsgn.org)