Google Now is Google at its best. Forget phones, tablets, TV and glasses.

This week Google has been trotting out a series of new products, which seems to me, to simply be a checklist of Apple competitors. First the phone OS, now a tablet device, then TV streaming hardware. Somewhere buried in Google's founding principles is the idea that "It’s best to do one thing really, really well". Looking at their recent product announcements I struggle to see how they've held to this principle. From my perspective Google's real benefit is data. They have more of it than anyone else (scary) and they've got it ordered and cleaned better than anyone else. So surely using that data and creating ways in which peoples can access that data is where they can really compete.

Google Now is an example of Google using data in a way that is of use to people's lives. Simple, beautiful, useful and dare I say it, not a copy of something Apple or Facebook have done.