Dieter Rams - The father of in-house design

"I am convinced that design—at least in the terms I understand it—cannot be performed by someone outside the company. I am absolutely convinced that this is true if products are designed as part of a larger system..."

Excerpt from FastCo Design


Revolutionary User Interfaces

Take a look at this lovely timeline of interface design. It goes way back to the Antikythera Mechanism and marks the most significant steps in UI up until Apple's release of Siri in 2012.

Not only is the design of this timeline a beautiful example of UI design, but the commentary is spot on. Interesting to see Apple has 5 entries in there and it's interesting to see how much has advanced since the Xerox Alto. I felt a strange pang of nostalgia when I saw the Palm Pilot on the list. I have to admit I had no idea what had happened to Palm and was surprised to read that it was bought by HP back in 2010.

Anyway, go look at this timeline. It's good.


Wolff Olins' Strategy Director, Mary Ellen Muckerman on putting UX at the heart of company culture

"Consumers who experience good UX online don’t switch off their expectations when they switch off the computer."

"The height of this relationship is co-creation, where consumers are engaged to create the product or services themselves."

Sounds a lot like designing a brand strategy to me. This thinking (from a brand agency) demonstrates my theory that brand design and UX design are merging in to the same thing. Which begs the question; who should be creating digital brands? Brand designers or UX designers?

Read the full article over at Fast Co Design


I love Simple (@simplify) and I want it here in the UK right NOW!

Simple (or BankSimple, as it was previously) has been tempting me with their beautiful interfaces and intelligent marketing since this time last year. The iPhone app (above) looks absolutely lick-able. The whole idea and approach has been an ongoing source of inspiration to me and my work on morethan.com. I'm pretty much ready to sign up right now and I've never used the service.