I've been busy lately.

For the past 11 weeks I've had my head down working on one project. It's a big fat whopper of a project which will hopefully start appearing in the world by the middle of this year. Because of NDAs and "market sensitivities" and all that crap I'm not allowed to share the details yet.

I can say that the project has encompassed the full UX design spectrum. I started by interviewing stakeholders and forming a topline UX definition. Then it was sketching and scenario writing. Then pair designing a range of UIs, which we did in Axure. We then took the Axure prototype in to user testing (at Foolproof). Then more wireframes and now I'm just coming to the end of the visual design phase (I've snuck a few bits, from this phase, out on Dribbble). Front-end development start a couple of weeks ago. We will be designing, building and testing various detailed interactions in a rotation for a few weeks yet. Each portion of the project has merge in to the next and we've been trying out new methods at each step.

It's been great to (almost) exclusively focus on one piece of work. But now I'm ready to step back, whilst the hardcore systems integration happens. I'm ready for a break.