I frickin love Innocent

It's true. I love em.

Not only do they have brilliant packaging...

and a beautifully crafted brand, (the inner workings of which, I recommend you read about). And not only because they really get digital and understand the importance of listening and responding (as demonstrated in this blog post)

...but also because they have created a strong in-house creative team. A team which uses ad agencies, but only to execute their ideas. Instead of turning to external supplier to articulate their brand. They rely on their own creative strengths for concept creation and bring in specialists to execute their ads. It shows a great deal of confidence in themselves and challenges the notion that someone working in a different organisation can know your brand better than you.

There's is not a model you see very often, which is probably why it's so successful. It's no secret that Innocent have had trouble finding the right set up with ad agencies, in the past. But i'm glad to see they have found a comfortable mix.