Blogging about blogging

Blogs are dead right? Wrong my friend, blogs are double awesome. I couldn't even begin to count the amount I've learnt from blogs in the past 5 years. And whilst I can see that blog reading and writing has taken a different steer since the boom of microblogging, I'm finding it's still very much alive and that there is some great stuff out there.

Here is a small nugget of what blogs have been tickling my design senses lately

  • Antrop.Se - in particular there ideas on redesigning the browser window
  • Pleasure & Pain - a brilliant idea to collate good and bad UX by Claire Sutcliffe
  • Alan Colville - Bristol based UX designer
  • What Katie Does - Curating beautiful interiors, products, photos and cats
  • Little Big Details - those tiny UI details that raise a smile
  • Mobile Inc - Industrious mobile designer
  • Mari Sheilbley - Foursquare's design mama
  • Maxvoltar - Tim Van Damme pixel fucker at Gowalla
  • Visuelle - bookmark this sucker. I hope that one day I'll design something beautiful enough to be included on this blog