Gowalla changes direction

Over the past year Foursquare has undoubtedly won out in the race for location based microblogging supremacy. Facebook places and Gowalla have all but fallen away, as the team at Foursquare continue to develop and deploy at a dizzying rate.

Instead of pluggin away at the same product and continuing to fall behind Gowalla has taken a bold move and switched direction. Last week at a TechCrunch event. Josh Williams (Gowalla's founder) unveiled a demo of the new app. By all accounts they are moving away from the simple check-in and share model and in to something new.

"Several months ago, the team sat down to dream it all up again. They thought about what kind of location-based app they would build today if they were starting from scratch. Then they went out and did just that."

I love that quote. My hat goes off to the gang at Gowalla. After all the success they are clearly not afraid to keep questioning everything and go in different directions. I really hope this works for them and they keep the innovative spirit up.

You can read more about the new version over at TechCrunch