Google rolls out new design standards to Blogger

This here blog is running on Google's Blogger platform (but you knew that from the URL right). The backend of the Blogger platform has only had minor changes over the past four years. Blogger has always sat uncomfortably within Google's product portfolio, largely because it was not built by Google. However it seems that in the recent wave of design updates across Google, it has been brought firmly in line. Unlike Gmail and Google Calendar this is not a refresh of the front end, it's an entirely new UX. The service architecture has been redesigned from the ground up.
Overview page
The new design has some lovely UI features, although surprisingly they haven't replicated the composition functions from Google Docs. Also the blog title seems to be the the only way to navigate out of the post composition feature, which doesn't feel particularly graceful.  
Post compose page
By comparison to the previous iteration the colour palette is very restrained, with Blogger's orange being used for any necessary emphasis.

The previous Posts page

Posts page
Sensibly the new interface is on a limited trial with a fail safe switch back for those regular users who are scared off by the new interface. They are also inviting feedback and bug reporting throughout the new version.

I would say the new version is massive improvement, I've already switched it as my default. However i expect it to remain in Beta for a while, as Blogger's users become accustomed to the new structure and UI.