Ampersand Conference Brighton

Ampersand audience
Look there's me, left of the centre, red shirt, looking daft. Photo by Adactio

Last week I went along to the first Ampersand Conference in Brighton. Not the first typography conference, but the first type conference focussed on the web. Speakers from round the world presented their thoughts on the current state of type design and the web. The event was put together by the good folks at Clearleft and lovely it was too. Some of the presentation went a little too techie for me, but when you get to spend the entire day talking fonts, it's hard to complain.

Highlights for me included Jonathan Hoefler describing how his foundry has been painstakingly redrawing ever single font for the web, Jason Santa Maria discussing how a little typographic understanding can be as dangerous as the Deathstar and Mark Boulton evangelising responsive design and embracing chaos (strange move at a conference celebrating greater control over type!).

There is a good write up over at Eye Magazine. Go forth, read and kick thy self for not attending.