My new holding page

Nothing special, just a new holding page on my martynreding.net domain. It's just an excuse to experiment with CSS dropshadows, Typekit and media queries.

I recently watched a talk by Wilson Milner about the merger between designers and developers and I also heard Jeffery Zeldman, on his 5by5 show, talking about designing straight in to the browser. So I thought I'd give it a spin. I have to be honest, it didn't go very well. After a while I arrived at a design that I was happy with technically, but visually was a bit of a mess. I tried for some time to resolve the visual design problems straight in to the HTML, but gave up in frustration. Within a minute of opening the page in PShop I had it sorted in to a composition I was happy with. It seems I can't get away from being a visual thinker.

I've still got to polish off a media query to serve up a mobile CSS - you know, for shits n' giggles.