Native App design at #iOSLondon

Yesterday I took a (rare) day out of work to attend an iOS design workshop. I haven't been on any kind of training for a some years. Partly due to expense, partly due to work pressures and partly because when designers (myself included) reach Creative Director/Design Lead level there is a tendency to not bother with training at all. However I'm keen to not be constrained by any of these and take opportunities to learn from experts in the field.

Design for mobile is becoming a bigger part of my work by the day. Although I've been involved in mobile projects in the past and I've read a huge amount on the subject I don't feel like I've got to grips with some of basics. Basically I skipped the first two chapters and went straight to strategy section. So this workshop was about ensuring I had exposure to all aspects of the mobile design process.

Photo by Sarah Parmenter

The day covered an iOS design project from writing the initial ADS all the way through to preparing your polished files for publishing. It not only gave me a comprehensive grip on the the finer points of app design, but it also helped me build an understanding of when apps can and should be used. The whole day made me more confident in my mantra that 'mobile is at it's best when it saves time or wastes time'.

Photo by Sarah Parmenter

As an addded bonus I got to meet and work with some very interesting people who are at different stages of the journey in to design for mobile.