BankSimple - UI Design to change banking

BankSimple is a US based startup who are hoping to shake up the personal banking world by applying User Centre Design to the classic banking model. The project is not live at this point, but the whole venture is gaining a great deal of attention already. You can follow the startup's progress on their blogs and twitter feeds. I know that I'll be watching very closely to see what I can learn from them about the Financial Sector.

When I first read about this I applauded the idea. After a little time I realised the huge audacity of the project. Imagine taking on one of the world's mightiest economic services and doing it from a UX standpoint. I'm sure most people in US banks are expecting/hoping this fails. Because it could ultimately change customers' expectations and force a sea change.

There is not a huge amount of detail on the offering, but the screengrabs of the UI look lush. I have my fingers crossed for them.