10 Spartan Rules - by Dentsu

In 1951 The president of one's of the world's largest advertising networks Dentsu wrote "10 Spartan Rules" to inspire his employees. To this day they can be found on the wall of every Dentsu building around the world.

1.  Create work for yourself; don’t wait for work to be assigned to you.
2.  Take an active role in all your endeavours, not a passive one.
3.  Seek out large and complex jobs. Trivial tasks debase you.
4.  Welcome difficult assignments. Choose them. Progress lies in accomplishing difficult work.
5.  Once you begin a task, complete it. Never give up.
6.  Lead your fellow workers. Be an example for them to follow.
7.  Set goals for yourself to ensure a constant sense of purpose.
This will give you perseverance and hope for the future.
8.  Move with confidence. Confidence gives your work force, focus and substance.
9.  Find new solutions. This is the way we ensure satisfactory service.
10.  When conflict is necessary don’t shy away from it or be afraid. Conflict is the mother of progress and the source of aggressive enterprise.  If you fear conflict, you will become timid and servile.

I like these. Although it's somewhat pious to be speaking of fear and conflict, when you're really just talking about making ads that flog cars, but it still says something relevant about collective problem solving. Right now I'd say the first five are my favourite.