Where does #brand design end & #UX design begin?

Where does brand design end and UX design begin?

This question has challenged me (and I've been challenged with it) a number of times in the past year.

If we can broadly agree that the definition of a brand design is to design customer touch points for an organisation and the definition of UX design is to design digital customer experiences for an organisation. Then we can ask if a brand only exists in digital

Consider brands like Skype, Spotify and Facebook. They provide no physical service or tangible product, so there brands only ever reach the customer on screen. So should their design be left to brand designers or UX designers?

I don't yet have an answer to these questions, perhaps there isn't one and it simply comes down to semantics. If you have any views on it, I'd love to hear them, on the usual channels.

@WilliamBloor ux is brand
ux is a component of brand experience, says
@WolffOlins ux is part of 'brand'
@WilliamBloor To me it's how users interact with a brand in a functional and behavioural way. So is a UX company, or should be.