My Book Project - Reboot

I recently came to a difficult decision on my book project. After more than a year of going back and forth with my publisher I realise two things that made me question the fundamental idea
  1. Book publishing is in a similarly broken state to music publishing. However the music industry is now reforming in new models, where as book publishing has not adapted as quickly. I feel that following the traditional printing/publishing route is no longer the right means to deliver my initial idea.
  2. In trying to make the book more "commercially appealing" I moved it away from it's original concept. I no longer felt excited by the theme of the book and whole exercise became a chore
Having decided not to keep working with a publisher has been a difficult point to reach, but it's made me feel much better about the prospect of writing and I'm starting to get excited about it again. I'm still pulling the book content together and I'm looking at different publishing methods.
  • Perhaps it can still be printed and self funded through Kickstarter?
  • Maybe it should be an iPad app, rich with interactivity?
  • Should it simply be a blog and grow over time?

I don't know yet. But I do know I'm enjoying writing and reading again.