Best job ad ever

They say 'a certain type of ad attracts a certain type of person'. Well it would seem that London based agency Work Club are looking are looking for a hilariously creative person.

I'm currently going through a round of recruiting and struggling to get our HR team to move away from the standardised job ads. Just imagine the fantastic response you'd get from an ad like this...


Master of the WINiverse

Designer/Art Director
1-2 year experience
solid skills in taking care o' business
♥'s interwebs

will get company car*
will be thrown at the deepend
will be great

*this bit is a barefaced lie






Why Powerpoint is to blame for bad things

I hate Powerpoint.

No I mean I really HATE Powerpoint.

It's a terrible piece of software that encourages bad presentations. I would go so far as to say it's evil. You want proof of how evil it is? Well you can here it is being used to map out the complexity of American strategy in Afghanistan. Yes I know Powerpoint is not responsible for the gruesome warfare in Afghanistan, but I'm pretty sure it is not helping.

From NY Times


Orange + TMobile = everything everywhere

For a while we've been hearing about a merger between UK mobile networks Orange and TMobile. Initially there were questions over how they would combine the brands or if the TMobile brand (the smaller of the two) would disappear in to Orange.

It would now seem that an entirely new brand has been created to house the two networks. Everything Everywhere is the new name for the combined venture. The Guardian has a report on the new organisation, however there seems to be very little in the way of an identity yet. So far the above typographic treatment has been circulated, but it's hard to imagine this will remain, even if it is a business to business brand. Apparently ad agencies representing the mobile networks have been involved in the new brand (bloody ad agencies?!) but neither of them have released any work yet.

Anyone know anything more?

AT&T - a moving brand

It looks like AT&T have taken a leaf out of AOL's branding book. The new work is not a complete overhaul like AOL, but it is a new direction that seems to invite creative interpretation and variation on the shape.

More over at Brand New


Marlboro & Ferrari - Hidden branding

In the past the Ferrari F1 team had a big sponsorship deal with Marlboro. However when there was a clamp down on advertising tobacco products the highly lucrative sponsorship deal seemed to be over. This year's Ferrari car replaces the Marlboro marque with supposedly anonymous barcode, the meaning of which was never questioned or explained.

It didn't take too long for people to notice the similarity between the Marlboro logo and the ambigious barcode. Could this be the sneakiest piece of branding ever conceived?

More here.


Coke Chair

Once again Coke has demonstrated it's ability to put design thinking in to practice for its brand. The 111 Navy chair is made up of 111 recycled Coke bottles. It's been produced by the much lauded furniture design company Emeco. For the launch WK London froze one of the chairs in ice, which makes an interesting hook, but i felt as though it distracted too much from the quality of design and build in the chair itself.

(via Creative Review Blog)


Designer Vacancy

We've got a new position in my team at MORE TH>N. I'm looking for a midweight designer to work on web, digital ads, social, mobile and email designs.

It's a new, but growing in- house team and the perks are excellent. The salary range is aprox 20-35k. If you're interested or if you know of anyone who is suitable then please take a look at the ad on Wired Sussex.