UXPeople London

Last week a couple of us from the More Th>n web team, took time out of our increasingly busy schedules and went to the inaugural UX People event. I don't usually go for this type of event, but this one seemed a little more accessible than others around UX.

The venue was Kings Place London, which is also home to The Guardian's superplush offices. Right on the waterfront and close to the train station. I can't imagine a better venue. The whole event was organised by new media recruitment specialists Zebra People. Who did a fantastic job of pulling it all together and running things smoothly on the day.

The speakers came from a mix of backgrounds. Some agencies, some consultancies, some freelancers. The combination of presenting styles was a little jarring at times, but it meant there was something in there for everyone.

Throughout the day the organisers used their Twitter feed to gain exposure and feedback from the attendees. I even got in on the twitter action, it was quite addictive.

The afternoon split attendees in to groups for workshops. I went for the 'selling ux' workshop, which was not exactly what i had imagined, but still really great fun and thoroughly useful.

Each of the speaches were photographed (to death) and filmed. You can check out the slides and the vids (i'm told) will follow shortly.