UK's (Digital) election campaign

I've been watching the election campaigns closely so far. Occasionally i slip in to work mode and review the each of the campaigns for their media choices and how willing they are to leverage the power of the web. Clearly Obama proved the webs value in campaigning, but how will the UK's politicians learn from the success in the US?

Looking at the purely at the websites (not the policies) of the three leading parties you can quickly tell how highly the Tories are rating their social media connections. Massive call to actions and a well thought out hierachy. The site creates a strong UX until you reach the policies section and the attention to layout and typographic detail seems to go out the window.

The Labour site is making good use of landing pages (via PPC), as well as embedded media. The social media connections are not as showcased as on the Tory site, instead they are integrated with the rest of the content. Whilst the graphic details are very nicely executed the layout of the lower level pages is often poor (read in to that how you will!).

I'm not quite sure what to say about the Lib Dem's site. There is nothing to inspire or engage. All of the content blurs in to one mass of information. Clearly they have not got a central theme to hang the site around and instead they have simply produced the most inoffensive and forgettable site you could imagine. Piss poor photography and dull ass copy throughout.

All in all it seems our political parties still are showing a lack of bravery in the digital world. As each of the campaigns move on, i will be watching how they use social media to gain votes.