A Social Media Lesson from Bugsy Malone

We've all heard the social media schtick by now. "social media presents all manner of opportunities for brands" and then on to "it's a tricky balancing act and it's very difficult to get right" - surely you are as sick of hearing this as I am. Blah blah blah we all know the stats about Facebook being bigger than Brazil, so why is it that so many brands are gripped with fear when it comes to social media?

The behavioural patterns displayed in online social networks are really not much different from other real world social gatherings. For example: if you arrived at a party and started giving the other guests your sales pitch or if you continually broadcast reasons why 'you are great' without listening to what people are saying - you would no doubt receive the same backlash as those brands who treat twitter as a broadcast channel.

So when you put it in that context, it's really not hard to form the basis of a social media strategy is it? if you want people to interact favourably towards your brand you need to speak to them, you need to be interesting, engaging, perhaps useful, perhaps funny, but always be sociable. It's a simple principle, it's been around for years and it was beautifully summed by none other than Bugsy Malone:

"you're gonna be remembered for the things that you say and do..."
and further more
"...if you give a little love, then it all comes back to you"

Take it away Bugs...