Plan B, Project 10

These days I get sent loads of stuff. Goodies just find their way on to my desk. I must confess that a large percentage ends up in the recycling bin. But every now and then something arrives that is so well crafted it earns a place in my sacred Mebox of design.

One such recent addition is Plan B's Project 10 papers. For those who haven't seen Plan-B before, it is the brain child of Mr Steve Price. His work spans web, brand, print and broadcast. Not only is Steve running Plan B, he is also regularly blogging, avidly tweeting, sometimes lecturing and generally being one of the most prolific designers around.

His level of commitment is apparent in the pages in each edition of Project 10. Although i don't agree the paper is a better option to email newsletter, strictly from an environmental perspective, I do see that the depth in each issue is impressive. Interviews, collaborations, explorations and things to make you go "hmmm" or just "shit me that's clever!"