Grazia's 3D issue (or not)

My wife is a big fan of Grazia magazine. I have to confess i quite like some of the design work they've done in the past. However when i read that they were realising a 3D Augmented Reality issue, i decided to check it out for myself.

The concept sounds great. Within the magazine's pages are codes printed which 'unlock extra content'. Which is a brilliant fusion of online and offline. However the technology is just not up to scratch. I tried a copy out on a new Macbook Pro and it really struggled. The first let down is that there is no AR, the codes simply trigger a flash toy or video clip. Nothing more.

I applaude Grazia for attempting to bring their printed material forward in a new way, but it felt like a bit let down when i finally unlocked the so called content. Perhaps next time they can experiment with an iPad only issue and design some REAL interactions.

My friends at Moving Brands also had some thoughts on the issue