Stanley Kubrick Archives

I have been fascinated with the working methods of Stanley Kubrick, for a long time now. I first became aware of his unique philosophies in a Guardian article and since then I've sought out any information I can get my hands on, that reveals more of his highly detailed research and creative development techniques.

My thirst for Kubrick information has finally been quenched by this wonderful book. The Stanley Kubrick Archives by Alison Castle is a publishing wonder. Putting the subject matter to one side for the moment, I have never come across a book so well put together in my life. From the Hardcase, embossed cover through to the beautifully crafted typography and lush photographic reproduction. Even if you have no interest in Kubrick or his films, you will be able to appreciate the design and production that has gone in to this.

The first half of the book is simply stills from each of his films. The second half is made of extensive production notes and interviews with Kubrick. The production notes even cover films that never made it to film.

End to end a fantastic piece of work that now takes pride of place in my book collection.