Bruno Maag & Richard Rutter at Brighttype

Last night I went to Brighton Uni to attend SCDF's Brighttype event. Having been involved in organising the event and booking the speakers, I felt really proud to see the turn out and how well the event went.

As expected the two speakers gave fundamentally different views on the future of typography and the business behind creating, selling, sharing and learning good typography. Both speakers clearly loved the finer details of their craft and gave great presentations on their work. Richard lead us through the trials and tribulations of bringing good type to digital design and how he sees the route of font distribution, as a web service on offerings such as Fontdeck. A very different view was offered in Bruno's presentation, which took us through his classic Swiss training and in to best practices for digital type design, with his personal view of the world.

Although i missed the Q&A session (i was tempted away by a late night GBK visit) I felt the two speakers represented a change in business, that bore a striking resemblance to the change happening in the music industry. Bruno took a similar stance to major record labels and their inability to adapt business models to an open digital, sharing culture and Richard represented a new approach (much like Spotify or Last.fm) that shows how streaming solutions can encourage purchasing and a new opportunity for foundries.

A lovely night all together. Certainly one for the type nerds amongst us. Hopefully the momentum will carry it on to become an annual event.