Thoughts on going 'in-house'

According to a recent article in Grafik magazine 41% of designers in the UK are in-house, 32% work for agencies and the remainder are freelance. I have very recently become part of the majority and joined the new in-house design team at More Th>n. The decision to change to in-house was not an easy one. Since graduating i've always felt certain i didn't want to go down that route, but recently i've seen more and more change to brands come from within.

If you think about the best design in the world right now, just think how much comes from in-house teams...

Jonathan Ive, Apple

Mark Porter, Guardian

David Butler. Coke

It's often said that the grandfather of in-house designers is Lou Dorfsman. From 1946 to 1991 he was responsible for every item of CBS' brand. He designed everything from TV ads to cafeteria coffee cups. His work and his ability to use design to affect change are still being talked about today.

Lou Dorfsman, CBS

Having spent the past ten years working in agencies of all different shapes and sizes, I felt my next step needed to offer me a totally new challenge. I've joined a very large organisation that has always used external agencies and has now set about building its own team. I'm very excited about working in a different kind of environment and becoming an internal champion for the power of design.

Hey, if it's good enough for the legendary designer Jan Tschichold, then it's good enough for me.

Jan Tschichold, Penguin