Poke is not a good agency

It's true. It's not a good agency. It's a great agency.

What makes it great?
Simple. Poke puts creativty at the heart of its business. It values design above all else and the results are plain to see. I've seen so many businesses lately that spend huge amounts of time, energy and money on running 'the business', without giving any thought to the 'product'. If you are in the business of design and creativity, then you must stay focussed on what your delivering and put quality above all else. The best sales team can't substitute good work.

Poke may not top all the tables for new business wins and it may not have an expansive global network behind it, but when it comes to recognition for their work. You'd do well to find a team that boasts so many accolades.

I realise this post is coming off a bit sycophantic, but be assured i know they have their share of troubles. However their formula clearly works.

Check out their new Hack Day. The whole agency will shut its doors to spend the day developing new ideas and basically getting creative. I know business people, that would pass out at the thought of shutting down for R&D, but Poke are fast becoming the best argument for putting the week to week financial forecasts down and thinking about the bigger picture.

If you haven't already. I suggest you go check them out.