Preview 15

The last few weeks have been crazy hectic at preview.

I've been working like a man possesed to design a promo wallet and inserts, as well as overhaulling our website. lot's of very late nights and some lonely sunday's in the studio pushing the design forward and going all out, to make the best of a unique opportunity. We cut a deal with Quentin Press, who agreed to print and foil the wallets and inserts, in exchange for promoting them. They also talked PaperCo in to providing the stock. Legends.

The reason it was pushed to an unforgiving deadline, was our 15th birthday party. We got use of the Terraces, in Brighton and invite more than a hundred clients, suppliers and friends down to share a drink and generally schmooze it up. Now i think of it; since i first seeded the idea of an agency birthday party, to here has been a long road, but i'm happy it finally came off.

We did manage to get the new site live in time and the wallets are awesome. i'm very excited about sending them out. I'd like to say things can calm down a bit now, but because i'm some kind of sick glutton for punishment i've got two more internal projects kicking off soon.