Pop-up shops present great opportunities for brands

Pop up shops are fast becoming an established part of major brand's communications plans. They offer a low cost, short blast of high exposure. An alternative to expensive TV spots, they hit the headlines before they even sell an item.

Because the store itself is the biggest factor in the strategy, the items on sale can happily stray away from usual shop contents. A theory proved when Marmite set up its shop selling 'Marmite inspired products'.

In fact is seems there is very little that can't be promoted with a well conceived pop up shop. In New York the Museum of Arts and Design has opened a pop up shop to expand its souvenirs shop.

Even Ad agency RKCR/ Y&R has tried out their own pop up agency offering advice to local businesses.

From my point of view pop up shops present a unique opportunity for brands that don't exsist on the high street. It's true that high street stores have used the concept to further their reach, but i think the real benefit would be for a brands like Amazon, Google, Ebay, Last.FM etc to bring their digital brands on to the high street.


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