Do You Poken?

Poken Explained from Poken on Vimeo.

It's not often i say this, but this piece of technology really looks useful. Essentially Poken connects social networking with real networking. When you meet someone and you want to connect (via Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc) you don't have to get a business card and then go trawling the web. All you have to do is bump Pokens. Details are transferred immediately. Perfect.

The branding is very clever too. The products are available in cute animal shapes (for the kids) or sleek black 2gb models (for the suits). They have launched with the phrase "do you poken?" which i imagine will be heard everywhere pretty soon. It's a good move to launch providing the vocabulary for consumers. They have immediately started to reach the holy grail of branding by turning their brand in to a verb (google it, hoover it up, take a xerox etc).