Do You Poken?

Poken Explained from Poken on Vimeo.

It's not often i say this, but this piece of technology really looks useful. Essentially Poken connects social networking with real networking. When you meet someone and you want to connect (via Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc) you don't have to get a business card and then go trawling the web. All you have to do is bump Pokens. Details are transferred immediately. Perfect.

The branding is very clever too. The products are available in cute animal shapes (for the kids) or sleek black 2gb models (for the suits). They have launched with the phrase "do you poken?" which i imagine will be heard everywhere pretty soon. It's a good move to launch providing the vocabulary for consumers. They have immediately started to reach the holy grail of branding by turning their brand in to a verb (google it, hoover it up, take a xerox etc).


D&AD in the metro

The free rag in the train station is last place you'd expect a trusty old establishment like the d&ad to show up, but look! Here it is.

It's great to see our industry reaching beyond the industry press and in to the real world, I would be even more chuffed, if the article didn't focus on bloody mcdonalds, of all brands.

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Pop-up shops present great opportunities for brands

Pop up shops are fast becoming an established part of major brand's communications plans. They offer a low cost, short blast of high exposure. An alternative to expensive TV spots, they hit the headlines before they even sell an item.

Because the store itself is the biggest factor in the strategy, the items on sale can happily stray away from usual shop contents. A theory proved when Marmite set up its shop selling 'Marmite inspired products'.

In fact is seems there is very little that can't be promoted with a well conceived pop up shop. In New York the Museum of Arts and Design has opened a pop up shop to expand its souvenirs shop.

Even Ad agency RKCR/ Y&R has tried out their own pop up agency offering advice to local businesses.

From my point of view pop up shops present a unique opportunity for brands that don't exsist on the high street. It's true that high street stores have used the concept to further their reach, but i think the real benefit would be for a brands like Amazon, Google, Ebay, Last.FM etc to bring their digital brands on to the high street.


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Social Media Time Capsule

Preview has launched a tasty new social media project. As part of this month's fifteenth birthday celebrations, we have created a social media time capsule.

We've been looking back over our achievements, from the past fifteen years. It's nice to take stock every now and then, but the future is what really excites us. We'd like everyone to join in, by tweeting your predictions for the next 15 years. All you have to do, is tag your tweet with #preview15

your prediction can be focussed on branding, design, marketing, the web or just the world around us. we want to hear from everyone. all the predictions will live online, as well as being archived for future reference.

To read all the predictions so far, check out www.preview.co.uk/future

see you in the future.


Preview 15

The last few weeks have been crazy hectic at preview.

I've been working like a man possesed to design a promo wallet and inserts, as well as overhaulling our website. lot's of very late nights and some lonely sunday's in the studio pushing the design forward and going all out, to make the best of a unique opportunity. We cut a deal with Quentin Press, who agreed to print and foil the wallets and inserts, in exchange for promoting them. They also talked PaperCo in to providing the stock. Legends.

The reason it was pushed to an unforgiving deadline, was our 15th birthday party. We got use of the Terraces, in Brighton and invite more than a hundred clients, suppliers and friends down to share a drink and generally schmooze it up. Now i think of it; since i first seeded the idea of an agency birthday party, to here has been a long road, but i'm happy it finally came off.

We did manage to get the new site live in time and the wallets are awesome. i'm very excited about sending them out. I'd like to say things can calm down a bit now, but because i'm some kind of sick glutton for punishment i've got two more internal projects kicking off soon.


Sent from my iphone

It just occurred to me that the default signature on iphone emails, is probably the best advertising tactic i've seen in a long time.

Anyone who has used an iphone or received an email, sent from an iphone, will notice the default signature on any mail accounts is "Sent from my iphone".

At first it seems like a harmless little note, but if you consider how many emails are being sent from iphones all around the world right now, each one with that signature, then you can see what a brilliant idea it is. Everyone gets this subtle little ad for an iphone in their inbox.

'hey look how easy it is to stay in contact with my iphone! check me out emailing whilst sitting on the toilet'

It's not often you find people who choose to remove the default, because the iphone/apple brands are so strong that it becomes a badge of pride, as much as a signature.


Amazon on the iPhone

Amazon is a brand that you'd expect to be straight in with an iPhone app. Their app is well designed and comes with everything you'd expect. But the real gem is the 'remembers' feature. If yr out shopping and you see something, you can save an image in your Amazon app for later. They will even try using the pic to match it for you.

Clearly Amazon have a good insight in to how people use their service and shop online. This feature may not immediately seem of value, but as soon as you try it, you will see just how beautifully seemless your shopping experience becomes.

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Love my brand

Love is all around. All you need is love. Love is in the air.

When did branding and advertising get so loved up?
Have you noticed a trend in brands attempting to get in touch with their softer side?

Blackberry have got that loving feeling

It seems that lately planners and copywriters up and down the country have been tasked with creating campaigns that create love for their client's brand. It's true that buying patterns have shown an irrational loyalty can be a product of branding that connects on an emotional level, but this seems pretty heavy handed to me.

I won't deny that their are products and brands that i feel emotionally attached to. U'm quite sure i wouldn't feel the same way, had those brands told me to love them.

Even KFC have got the love

La la la la laaaaa I'm loving it.