What can marketers learn from the Innocent brand backlash?

Here is an excerpt from an article i wrote for the Preview site. I felt a little uncertain about writing it, as i genuinely like the Innocent brand and hold their business in high regard.

Your brand, your promise When you create and deliver a brand you construct an image, an image that customers will use to evaluate your business. That image has a number of different tasks, depending on your business objectives, but it’s fair to say that all brands should give a true representation of a business’s values. Your brand makes a promise to deliver on its image. However, if your brand image hides a different story, it’s very possible consumers who have bought in to your product or service will feel cheated. We all know that a cheated consumer is not to be messed with, as the web provides limitless outlets for customers with negative feelings.

You can read the rest of the article here.
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