This is Matthew Irvine Brown

Way back in my Victoria Real days, when i was trawling graduate shows, i first saw the work of Matthew Irvine Brown. Although i didn't get to meet Matthew his work stood out a mile amongst the other Ravensbourne students.

If you've never encountered this talented young man i suggest you check out his portfolio and look out for him, next time he is speaking at an event.

His work spans service design, UX, identity, graphics, product, sound, installations and more. He appears to be one of those sickeningly gifted designers who works without boundaries and across many styles. Where else can you find the wonder of Singing Sock Puppets?

Until very recently he has been Lead Interaction Designer at Last.fm, but he is now working independently and if you get the chance you should hire him, clone him and destroy all other designers.


The best client brief...ever

Not only is a lovely to see how open and welcoming the band were to anything Warhol came up with, but seeing the header with 'The Rolling Stones Ltd' just blows my mind.

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Jamie Hewlett in Bangladesh

One of my favourite artists Jamie Hewlett has unveiled an exhibition of beautiful watercolours created in response to a trip he made to Char Atra in Bangladesh with Oxfam earlier this year.

The exhibition is free and is called "Under Water Colours". It's being held at Dray Walk Gallery, Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane, London E1 6QL, From Saturday the 17th Oct 2009 to Saturday the 31st Oct 2009.

Photos from Jamie's trip and samples of his work can be seen on the Guardian site.


Work in progress

We are putting together a killer self promotion piece right now. Here are some props from a recent development. More to come

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Virgin.com by Rokkan(?)

The new virgin.com is awesome. Fact.

Everyone has been drooling over lately. By itself it's not so amazing, but when you consider how well it's designed for a corporate umbrella company, then you realise how brilliant it is. There are not many brands in the world who will put something so lovingly crafted out there for business to business and investor communications. Just imagine the amount of people involved in the client's decision making. It must have taken some brave moves by the marketing team at Virgin to get this through the board members and management structure.

Overall they have managed to create a rich site with a limited colour pallette. There are loads of beautiful litttle details, like the roll overs. And i'm a big fan of how high the twitter integration has made it up the priority level. Look! it's sat right there next to the logo. Show me another company willing to throw so much prominance behind their twitter feed.

As it turns out the site is the work of a US based agency Rokkan. I'll be honest i've never heard of these guys and i was expecting a much bigger, more notable agency to be behind it. However looking at Rokkan's site you have to admire the scale of projects and quality of clients for such a small agency (less than 20 people it seems). Good work Rokkan. All this and it seems to be without any Management other than a Creative Director.

Hats off.

Brighton wayfinding spotted

New wayfinding system spotted in Brighton. Unusual choice to use the 'visit Brighton' URL on a sign in Brighton.

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What can marketers learn from the Innocent brand backlash?

Here is an excerpt from an article i wrote for the Preview site. I felt a little uncertain about writing it, as i genuinely like the Innocent brand and hold their business in high regard.

Your brand, your promise When you create and deliver a brand you construct an image, an image that customers will use to evaluate your business. That image has a number of different tasks, depending on your business objectives, but it’s fair to say that all brands should give a true representation of a business’s values. Your brand makes a promise to deliver on its image. However, if your brand image hides a different story, it’s very possible consumers who have bought in to your product or service will feel cheated. We all know that a cheated consumer is not to be messed with, as the web provides limitless outlets for customers with negative feelings.

You can read the rest of the article here.
Let me know what you think.


Bit slack - sorry

Not a lot going on here lately. I've been pouring all my energy elsewhere lately.

Mostly in to Preview's marketing plan. I've been adding my bit to the Preview twitter feed as well as the news and views section on our website. We've also started planning on an exciting new community project, as well as finalising our birthday bash. If you're nice to me, you might make it on to the invite list!

I've also got a couple of side projects on the go, which involve a lot of organising and writing, but they are all put to bed, so i'll sort my act out and do more blogging. I've got a nice little blogger iphone app, so i'm going to give mobile blogging a good go.

Thanks for watching.