Brighton Wayfinding

Brighton & Hove City Council will be unveiling a new wayfinding and digital mapping system across the city today.

The design work has be done by London's Applied Information Group. Although I know AIG are a very talented design group, I find myself asking 'why no Brighton based agencies were used to produce this work?'. Brighton's rich community of designers and architects has once again been overlooked to bring in London based suppliers.

I'm looking forward to seeing the new work. I've been banging on for a while about Brighton getting its design work in order and this seems like a step in the right direction. My only concern is that this project won't do a great deal for Brighton's lack of identity. City branding is becoming more and more talked about as high profile projects are generating conversation across the design industry. I think it's time Brighton looked at it's brand and how it can be used to attract businesses and visitors alike.