Proud Creative rolls out the SyFy Brand

Proud Creative has unveiled its work for the SciFi Channel's rebrand to SyFy. The name change brings with it a new logo, idents, typography and advertising, although the colour pallete has been expanded it's still using the primary pallette from the previous identity.

There is a lot to like about this work. Although the thinking behind the name change still pangs of something from 'who moved my blackberry', Proud's designs work very well. The 3d logo type feels appropriately otherworldly and unusual, while the smooth idents make references to science fiction, as well as all things nerdy.

I'm a fan of the 'leaning' title cards(below), although i think they are a bit too fashionable and may look dated quite soon.
The type is the only thing i'm not 100% sure about. When i first looked at the sample below i thought it was E4, as the purple is the same and the typeface resembles Channel 4's C4 Body when used at small sizes. Close up, i can see it's a nicely designed, well functioning typeface, but for my money it's too close for comfort.