Know your type

IDSGN has a beautiful series of posts going on at the moment called 'know your type'.

So far they have Futura, Din(mmmm), Verlag(eurgh) and what is being dubbed "typeface of the century" Gotham. Each has great examples and details on the design and origins of each typeface. All good and worth checking out.

I'm hoping there will soon be posts on Avante Garde, Lubalin and the mighty Gill Sans.

Type nerd over and out.

Attik returns to London

My favourite agency Attik has returned to London, more than five years since it shut it's previous London office to focus on developing it's US clients.

The move comes off the back of their parent company Dentsu reorganising it's European network, including it's London office.

I'm looking forward to seeing if the new London office makes as much of a splash in the industry as it's previous incarnation. Back in the day, Attik's London office was the subject of many myths and rumours. Talk of unearthly work hours, huge parties, disruptive event attendance, guerilla marketing and wild office antics buzzed all the way round the design world and even reached my impressionable, young ears.

Read more on the move at Campaign or over at Ad Week


CP + B go fully social

One of the world's largest and most respected (and loathed?!) digital ad agencies Crispin Porter + Bogusky have gone all the way with making thier new site a social media filter. As with Modernista the site acts as a catch net for any mention of their agency or their work.

My tweet appears on the homepage filter

The principle is that their work is about generating feedback and conversations, so the site is a direct example of that. Although it never really allows you to get behind the scenes of the agency or hear their side of the story.

The site is only at Beta stage, so it's likely to morph new elements before the full launch.


Coke hands digital task to Work Club

Found on Campaign Live

Coke has just handed Work Club its digital advertising account without a pitch. Apparently the 'agency picked up the account without a pitch after developing some speculative activity during the past couple of months'

First of all i'd like to say 'congratulations' to the team at Work Club and secondly i'd like to say 'bastards!' that's so good i have to swear in jealous admiration. I'd love to know what the speculative activity included. I'm guessing they simply did a bunch of work in order to impress coke and open a conversation. What ever they did, it clearly worked and i'm impressed.


Landor's Coke case study

This old school case study of Landor's work on the 'Coke' brand is a delight. I just shows how long Landor has been on top of the branding process. The stages in their project are largely the same as the stages in many of today's branding projects.

It's great that Landor have managed to keep such comprehensive documentation of thier work. The shots of the old studio going through the process are particularly nice.

Branding history at its finest.

Danny Nathan Interview @ siteInspire

There is a really good interview with Strategist and Designer Danny Nathan over at siteInspire today. He gives a very honest and warm account of Poke's working principles and life as a strategist.

"Let’s face it, no one wants to be advertised to. It’s time for that to change. We’re in the midst of a massive recession and a technological boom. The opportunities created by that mix are nearly unlimited."

Read and learn people! You know this man is talking sense.


iPhone wireframing stencil

Found via Design Weak

Proud Creative rolls out the SyFy Brand

Proud Creative has unveiled its work for the SciFi Channel's rebrand to SyFy. The name change brings with it a new logo, idents, typography and advertising, although the colour pallete has been expanded it's still using the primary pallette from the previous identity.

There is a lot to like about this work. Although the thinking behind the name change still pangs of something from 'who moved my blackberry', Proud's designs work very well. The 3d logo type feels appropriately otherworldly and unusual, while the smooth idents make references to science fiction, as well as all things nerdy.

I'm a fan of the 'leaning' title cards(below), although i think they are a bit too fashionable and may look dated quite soon.
The type is the only thing i'm not 100% sure about. When i first looked at the sample below i thought it was E4, as the purple is the same and the typeface resembles Channel 4's C4 Body when used at small sizes. Close up, i can see it's a nicely designed, well functioning typeface, but for my money it's too close for comfort.

Virgin lift doors

I like this.

That's all.


Churchill Square Brighton - Ad Campaign

These ads for Churchill Square have been springing up all over Brighton lately. I've spotted them in bus stops surrounding the city and the centre itself has been decked out using every available panel and empty shop space.

At first glance i dismissed the ads for their use of 'hollyoaks' models. I felt they had totally missed personality of Brighton. However at close inspection there is something about them, that works very well. They all seem to have been shot in Brighton and the copy is so well crafted that at a second glance they become quite attractive. "everything under the sun", "scarf by Zara, loved by Jodie" - simple and brilliant.

I'm not sure who created the ads, but it seems that Grain have been involved to some extent. If they are responsible, it begs the question, why was a Brighton agency not hired to the task?