Nike Running 3.0

I'm soo impressed with Nike right now. Nike+ has had more than its fair share of praise over the past couple of years so i won't bother writing about how good it really is. However what i will say is that Nike has made some fantastic steps in joining their Nike+ product up with the rest of the brand.

The Nike+ website is a bit of slow old flash trudge by today's standards, but it's laidened with networking and sharing options. You can share routes, playlists, runs, challenges, personal bests and keep tabs on your friend's progress.

Beyond the website Nike have also set up running clubs around the US. These clubs meet up and cover designated routes and make the sharing/networking experience work offline.

In the Nike Town store you can sign up for Nike Training Club, which is can be connected to online, in the gym or on your iphone. You can also talk to their running advisors on which products will suit your ability, as well as assesments on your running style - helping you avoid injury or muscle damage.

All in all Nike's Running team have covered every possible routes to connect with their brand. You'll notice the right hand panel of this blog has the flash widget right now. i also have the screensaver which feeds live run information on every load. In fact it's so enjoyable hooking in to the virtual running community that when i found my ipod battery dead i had to debate if it was worth running at all!

i'm hooked. come join me.

according to this article a new version of the Nike+ website is on its way and it sounds as if its coming as a fully loaded community site, facebook style.