Disney Concert Hall LA

Just some of the many, many shots i took of the Disney Concert Hall whilst i was in LA recently.

If you're in the area i strongly suggest you find a way to visit. It really is a stunningly beautiful building that looks as if it's landed in downtown LA from outer space. I drove from Long Beach to see it. Approaching downtown from the freeway we could see it peeping through high rises, like a giant alien in the city. In fact it seems so out of place that it felt a little like a joke we'd found.

I won't pretend to any kind of photography pro, but taking every shot was a pleasure. It felt impossible to capture the work in photos and to really appreciate the scale and fluidity, it needs to be seen. You need to walk around it and see the shapes jutting out in all directions to fully understand what has been achieved here.

As i understand it Gehry has been involved in a number of projects in the UK that have failed to come to fruition. So i'm just hoping there is a city council out there that will recognise the power of his and snap up the chance to accomodate his first permanent structure.