Desire Paths

Ever wondered what the heck i do all day with my work?
yeah me too and here is a really great visual metaphor.

Desire Paths.
No matter how you beautifully you lay out your pathways people will instinctively walk the way that feels most effect for them. I find desire paths. This is how i approach all forms and aspects of being a designer. Find the desire path, find the design that works.


Nike Running 3.0

I'm soo impressed with Nike right now. Nike+ has had more than its fair share of praise over the past couple of years so i won't bother writing about how good it really is. However what i will say is that Nike has made some fantastic steps in joining their Nike+ product up with the rest of the brand.

The Nike+ website is a bit of slow old flash trudge by today's standards, but it's laidened with networking and sharing options. You can share routes, playlists, runs, challenges, personal bests and keep tabs on your friend's progress.

Beyond the website Nike have also set up running clubs around the US. These clubs meet up and cover designated routes and make the sharing/networking experience work offline.

In the Nike Town store you can sign up for Nike Training Club, which is can be connected to online, in the gym or on your iphone. You can also talk to their running advisors on which products will suit your ability, as well as assesments on your running style - helping you avoid injury or muscle damage.

All in all Nike's Running team have covered every possible routes to connect with their brand. You'll notice the right hand panel of this blog has the flash widget right now. i also have the screensaver which feeds live run information on every load. In fact it's so enjoyable hooking in to the virtual running community that when i found my ipod battery dead i had to debate if it was worth running at all!

i'm hooked. come join me.

according to this article a new version of the Nike+ website is on its way and it sounds as if its coming as a fully loaded community site, facebook style.


Coke's new ad strategy

a brilliant article on design assembly unveils coke's new performance based ad strategy. essentially they intend to pay ad agencies if their campaigns manage to increase coke sales. if they don't increase sales, the agency has its costs covered and no more.

it's a controversial move by coke, but if anyone can shake up the advertising industry it's coke. considering the budgets coke have laid down for advertising in the past few years i think this is a wise move on their part.

looking over the article's comments it seems a fear of how this could effect other creative industries has immediately emerged. which is great in my opinion. by setting hard measurables the under qualified designers and advertisers will soon fade away, paving the way for the truelly talented few. it may also beckon a new age of adveritising bravery, where only the true innovators are rewarded. Which ever way it goes i can coke's agency opting for some very, very, very heavy testing before the ads go live. Focus group companies will be overwhelmed with people wanting as many assurances as possible.

i think it's a perfectly healthy shift and something the ad industry is in need of. i have no doubt there will be a massive outcry and backlash, but that will come from those scared to put their creative where their mouth is.

i can see it being a great new age in advertising.


Disney Concert Hall LA

Just some of the many, many shots i took of the Disney Concert Hall whilst i was in LA recently.

If you're in the area i strongly suggest you find a way to visit. It really is a stunningly beautiful building that looks as if it's landed in downtown LA from outer space. I drove from Long Beach to see it. Approaching downtown from the freeway we could see it peeping through high rises, like a giant alien in the city. In fact it seems so out of place that it felt a little like a joke we'd found.

I won't pretend to any kind of photography pro, but taking every shot was a pleasure. It felt impossible to capture the work in photos and to really appreciate the scale and fluidity, it needs to be seen. You need to walk around it and see the shapes jutting out in all directions to fully understand what has been achieved here.

As i understand it Gehry has been involved in a number of projects in the UK that have failed to come to fruition. So i'm just hoping there is a city council out there that will recognise the power of his and snap up the chance to accomodate his first permanent structure.


Banksy at Bristol City Museum

The lucky bastards in Bristol are being treated to the most comprehensive exhibition of Banksy's work ever created.

Banksy contacted the Bristol City Museum asking if he could take over the space to exhibit his work. Due to his anonymity the curators never met him. A great quote in the guardian this weekend says the curator feared it might all be an elaborate heist as the museum had to be shut whilst the work was installed. Fortunately it was not a scam and the museum opens this week.

i'm very jealous and i wish i was in the area.

more photos at the guardian site.


i get nice stuff

One of the perks of being a Creative Director is that you get great post. In general the stuff i get posted is of great quality, but lately it seems i've had some particularly lush items arrive on my desk.

Some hot new font samples from the mighty Dalton Maag

A massive poster from the guys at the D&AD, promoting their now infamous New Blood campaign

This item i just had to include. Gemma Kett-Young is a brain achingly talented graduate from Brighton Uni. She sent a beautifully crafted piece of self promotion that smacked me in the eyeballs. Lovely work, lovely approach. I would be amazed if i don't see her in the pages of Creative Review soon.


Gucci Sloane Street London

Loving these exclusive London themed items from the new Gucci store.

It seems whenever Gucci opens a major store, they design a range of products and a launch that takes strong influences from the city's image and history. There was a fantastic campaign based around their new store in New York.

I really like this strategy. It immediately endears the brand to the city's inhabitants and aligns the distinctly italian brand with it's surroundings. very cool

We have charts & graphs to back us up.

We have charts & graphs to back us up.
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Maybe i can get one of these and ditch planners!


what's up!?

hello there. i'm back from the states and catching up with work and tings.
I've got a whole heap of updates including photos from my trip, some info on new preview work and a couple of ideas i've been pushing about for a while.

at the moment my house is undergoing some heavy construction work, so my laptop is buried deep under a pile of dust covers and my evenings are filled with DIY matters. but i'll get the time soon.

i did manage to grab one of these beauties whilst in LA, to feed my coke obsession. ooooooh